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SHS3605 Max Lifting Capacity 14T Straight Boom Truck Mounted Crane

Short Description:

SHS3605 truck mounted crane is an auxiliary lifting equipment installed on a truck with a load of 14 tons and above. It is composed of 5 arm 。The crane with truck has the characteristics of large power, high speed, strong climbing ability and so on. It can achieve rapid lifting, high efficiency, flexible and so on.Usually installed between the driver’s cab and the cargo box. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, easy operation, high operation efficiency, self-loading and self-unloading, etc. It is widely used in lifting and transportation operations in all walks of life.

Product Detail

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1. The height of the boom is increased, which greatly reduces the deflection of the boom when the working radius is large, and improves the telescopic capacity with load;
2. The arm barrel adopts 4 hexagonal welding seams, and the upper and lower overlapping structure has higher structural strength and higher safety factor;
3. The long-span rear outrigger improves the stability of the vehicle and the lifting capacity of the medium and long arms;
4. The main valve adopts manual proportional multi-way valve to realize compound action and improve work efficiency;
5. Integrated control panel (engine start and stop, etc.), the operation is simpler and more reliable;
6. The winch adopts high-speed, double-balance valve structure, and the low-speed operation is more stable;
7. The working range and lifting capacity are better than similar products;
8. The whole system is equipped with standard radiator;

The main technical parameters

Max Lifting Capacity (kg) 14000
Max Lifting Moment (kN.m)


Max Length Of Working Arm (m) 19.7
Max Working Height (m) 21
Boom Elevation Range (°)  0-75
Slewing Angle (°)   360°
Outrigger Span (m) 7.7
Rated Work Flow  (L/min) 63+40
Weight(kg) 5900

Outline dimension drawing

SHS3605 Straight boom truck mounted crane

Performance indicators

SHS3605 Straight boom truck mounted crane1

Production flow chart of truck-mounted crane truck

production flow char

Note: Welding and painting are special processes.

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