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SHS3305 Max Lifting Capacity 13T Straight boom truck mounted crane

Short Description:

SHS3305 truck mounted crane is an auxiliary lifting equipment installed on a truck with a load of 13 tons and above.It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, easy operation, high operation efficiency, self-loading and self-unloading, etc. It is widely used in lifting and transportation operations in all walks of life.

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1.The hydraulic valve lock adopts imported parts and domestic first-line brands to ensure the stability and service life of the hydraulic system;
2.The main plates of the crane are made of 700 high-strength plates, which are currently the highest in domestic use, which achieves light weight and increases the stability of the crane overload;
3.The working range and lifting capacity are better than similar products.


Transportation and storage

1. Transportation
Before the crane is transported, it should be decomposed into three parts: main engine, boom and accessories (including outriggers, hooks, power take-off devices, etc.) , waterway and air and other means of transportation for transportation.

2. Storage
(1) The crane should be stored in a place that is dry, ventilated, waterproof, fireproof and has sunscreen and dustproof measures.
(2) Products with a storage period of more than one year should be tested according to the company's factory test requirements and confirmed to be qualified before use.
(3) Products with a storage period of more than two years should be reused, and all seals should be replaced and tested to meet the company's factory test requirements before they can be used.

Main technical parameters and performance indicators

Maximum lifting weight 12000KG
Maximum Lifting Moment 300KN.M
Maximum working arm length 17.3M
Maximum lift height 18.5(to the crane mounting surface)
Boom angle range 0°—75°
Rotation angle 360°
Outrigger span 5.95M
Rated working flow 50+40L/min
Crane weight 4900KG

Outline dimension drawing


Performance indicators


Production flow chart of truck-mounted crane truck

production flow char

Note: Welding and painting are special processes.


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