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SSH9400CCY Fence Semi-trailer

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This model is made of high-strength steel, advanced production technology and strict manufacturing process;The whole vehicle has reasonable structure, reliable performance and beautiful appearance;The accessories are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and are purchased/inspected/used in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to ensure the good performance of the vehicle

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Dimensions:13000, 12500, 12000×2500, 2550×3080, 3180, 3280, 3380, 3480, 3580, 3680, 3780, 3880, 3980
Cargo size:12900, 12400, 11900×2350, 2380, 2400, 2450, 2470, 2490×600
Total mass:40000
Rated contained mass:34000, 33700, 33500
Curb weight:6000, 6300, 6500
Saddle quality:16000
Front suspension/rear suspension:-/2300, -/2250, -/2100, -/1900
Acceptance angle/departure angle:-/13, -/14, -/15, -/16
Axle load:-/24000(triaxial group)
Identification code:LA9940C3×××SSH×××
Chassis model
number of axes:3
6880+1310+1310, 6780+1310+1310, 6680+1310+1310, 6480+1310+1310, 6280+1310+1310
number of tires:12
tire specifications:11.00R20 12PR, 11R22.5 12PR, 12R22.5 12PR, 295/60R22.5 14PR
front track:-
rear track:1840/1840/1840
number of leaf springs:-/-/-/-



The height from the bottom of the carriage to the top of the warehouse grid and the corresponding total height : 2600mm(3880mm, 3980mm), 2400mm(3680mm, 3780mm), 2200mm(3480mm, 3580mm), 2000mm(3280mm, 3380mm), 1800mm(3080mm, 3180mm)Optional long lock bar or short lock bar or invisible lock bar of the door silo structure, Optional two-layer, three-layer warehouse grid, Optional rear back door flower-column, Three-leaf rear door, Half-closed rear door, Half-closed style, closed back door optional flower-shaped concave-convex structure style, The rear door panel can be horizontal corrugated, vertical corrugated, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, Square tube cross flower flat back door; Optional horizontal corrugated and vertical corrugated, Galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy sheet, Square tube cross pattern, Optional side deck style, Optional round column structure; Optional beam special-shaped hole structure.The door under the warehouse gate and the side door column are optionally installed at the platform position on the gooseneck; Optional hinge style; The optional side facing door lock lever is two styles; Optional Toolbox and Mesh Toolbox Styles; Optional rear tail style, Optional front door style; Side and rear protective materials are used Q235B, All connections are welded, Rear protective ground clearance 480mm, Section 140mmX55mm; ABS:CM2XL-4S/2M;

Manufacturer:Guangzhou Ruili Kormee AUTOMOTIVE Electronic Co., Ltd. Car length/Distance from semi-trailer towing pin to the front end of the vehicle/wheelbase/rear suspension 13000/1200/6880+1310+1310/2300, 13000/1350/6780+1310+1310/2250, 13000/1400/6680+1310+1310/2300, 12500/1300/6480+1310+1310/2100, 12000/1200/6280+1310+1310/1900


SSH9400CCY fence semi-trailer

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