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  • 13 meters standard box car

    13 meters standard box car

    character 1、The girders, through-beams, side beams and columns are all made of high-strength QHT700, and the weight of the whole vehicle is about 5.2 tons (including tire rims). 2、According to the market demand, high-strength steel and ordinary steel are combined. Longitudinal beams, columns, and through beams are made of high-strength steel, and side beams are made of 14# standard steel channels.The self-weight is only 5.8t, which improves the user’s transportation efficiency 3、The ...
  • SSH9400Z Dump semi-trailer

    SSH9400Z Dump semi-trailer

    This series of products has two types: rollover and backward rollover; it is suitable for medium/short-distance transportation of bulk goods such as coal, mines, sand and gravel, which can effectively improve the loading and unloading and transportation capacity, and the unloading is convenient, flexible and fast, and can meet various road conditions and loading and unloading need

  • SSH9402CCY Fence Semi-trailer

    SSH9402CCY Fence Semi-trailer

    This series of models has advanced structure and excellent performance. The corrugated plate of the door leaf has been improved again on the basis of the original strength. The frame is added with an I-beam through beam, which greatly strengthens the torsion resistance on the premise of improving the load performance of the whole vehicle. Various details The design effectively improves the strength of the car body and increases the service life

  • SSH9340TJZ Container Transport Semi-trailer

    SSH9340TJZ Container Transport Semi-trailer

    This series of products has two types: two-axle and three-axle; it is specially used for the transportation of various containers and can be used for a long time; it is safe, reliable, convenient and fast, and can be quickly loaded and unloaded.Humanized design, reasonable structure, the frame is shot blasted to release welding stress to improve the performance of the whole vehicle.

  • SSH9400CCY Fence Semi-trailer

    SSH9400CCY Fence Semi-trailer

    This model is made of high-strength steel, advanced production technology and strict manufacturing process;The whole vehicle has reasonable structure, reliable performance and beautiful appearance;The accessories are all well-known brands at home and abroad, and are purchased/inspected/used in strict accordance with the requirements of the quality management system to ensure the good performance of the vehicle

  • SSH9400L Drop Side Semitrailer

    SSH9400L Drop Side Semitrailer

    The material of this model adopts high-strength material, lightweight design, light weight, strong bearing capacity and good torsion resistance, suitable for various road conditions