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The different between semi-trailer and trailer

1、Different uses of trailers and semi-trailers:
A full trailer refers to a full-trailer compartment attached to the rear of an ordinary car, and the two are connected with a hook. Full trailers can increase the loading capacity of trucks and reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing transportation costs
2、 different traction methods:
In fact, it is very simple. The front part of the vehicle is called a tractor, and the rear part without traction driving force is called a trailer. The tractor is towed by the trailer. The difference between the full trailer and the semi-trailer is based on the different connection methods between the tractor and the trailer.
Generally, the trailer is connected with the tractor with a hook, and the front tractor provides power to pull the trailer and turn, and the load is borne by the trailer itself.
The semi-trailer is connected to the fifth wheel of the tractor through the traction pin. The common container transport vehicle is a typical semi-trailer train, and the rear loading part is the semi-trailer.

Post time: Jan-10-2023