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Teach you how to reverse the semi-trailer


I believe that many people have obtained a car driver’s license. In the process, they must have encountered many difficulties, and everyone also has their own little skills. Today, I will tell you about the reversing skills in other cars, the reversing skills of semi-trailers.

The formula for semi-trailer reversing skills

1. When the semi-trailer is reversing, the steering wheel turns in the opposite direction to that of the bicycle.
2. When the road is sharply curved, reduce the speed.
3. When the road bends to the left, the front and outer side of the semi-trailer rush out of the tractor.
4. When the road is curved to the right, the rear side of the semi-hanger is close to the center line of the road.
5.Don’t be in a hurry when reversing to the back. Be sure to observe the rearview mirror and find the sense of distance and direction of the car.


Specific skills for semi-trailer reversing

1. Confirm that the semi-trailer is side by side with the adjacent vehicle and the distance from the adjacent vehicle is about 1 meter. After confirming the safety behind, reverse the vehicle in a straight line, and stop when the rear bumper of the vehicle is side by side.
2. Turn the steering wheel to the right and reverse to the target position. When the car is parked, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right. Slightly loosen the brake pedal and use the semi-trailer creep function to reverse. Stop when the left side of the vehicle reaches a certain point on a straight line.
3. Turn the steering wheel to the left to make the tires straight and back up. When the car is parked, turn the steering wheel to make the tires straight; slowly reverse the car in a straight line, and stop reversing when the left rear wheel reaches the white line outside the parking space.
4. Approach the car to the right, turn the steering wheel of the semi-trailer to the left to the end, and slowly retreat; before the vehicle is parallel to the road shoulder, turn the vehicle back to the right, and park the vehicle in a position parallel to the road shoulder (semi-trailer is a large vehicle, When parking, be careful to rub and do not collide with the car behind).

Post time: Aug-17-2022