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Hebei Shenghang New Energy helps the collection and transportation of kitchen waste and builds a green future

The classification and treatment of kitchen waste is a difficulty, focus and pain point in the classification of domestic waste in my country. Kitchen waste has a high organic content and is extremely perishable. If it is not handled in time, it is easy to produce foul odors. Disorderly collection and transportation will affect the city appearance, pollute the water quality, and spread diseases.
Mixed dry and wet kitchen waste
easy to ferment
produce odor
How to collect and transport kitchen waste
not easy
Shenghang New Energy
Help achieve clear water and blue sky!

●High degree of automation, the entire operation process can be easily completed by only one person operating the switch.
●The rear door is hydraulically locked and sealed with a sealing strip, which can effectively prevent the leakage of sewage during compression and transportation, and effectively avoid secondary pollution. Locking and closing the rear door are the same operation switch, preventing the failure of sealing or damage caused by misoperation.
●An imported electronically controlled hydraulic lock is installed on the rear door opening cylinder. The rear door can only be lowered when it is powered on to prevent the rear cover from falling suddenly. At the same time, a safety strut is installed. The combination of electronic anti-dropping and manual anti-dropping greatly improves the vehicle safety performance.
●There is a built-in sewage tank at the bottom of the box, which can effectively collect the swill in the kitchen. The cover of the sewage tank can be opened at the end of the tank to facilitate the cleaning of the inside of the sewage tank.
●The push plate is pushed and unloaded, and there is no boss on the rear end of the push plate, which prevents the accumulation of garbage and sticks to the boss, and reduces the workload of workers when unloading.
●Controlled by the electrical system, the lifting mechanism cannot act when the push plate is not recovered in place, which can effectively prevent the garbage from being dumped in front of the push plate or on the top cover due to misoperation.
●Equipped with an emergency loading switch, which can be used in an emergency when the vehicle cannot be loaded normally. After the work is completed, the vehicle will be overhauled to ensure the smooth completion of the work.
●The waterproof and dustproof grade of the whole vehicle can reach IP67 grade.
Hebei Shenghang New Energy Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. gives full play to its subjective initiative, actively explores and innovates, and develops intelligent green kitchen garbage trucks. It has a high degree of automation in loading and unloading. It only needs one person to operate the whole process. Large loading volume, good airtightness during operation, no leakage and odor emission, help to protect the environment and promote the formation of green development of production methods and lifestyles.

Post time: Oct-08-2022