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Advantages of van semi-trailer in transportation

Due to the very good safety factor of the van transport semi-trailer, there are few problems during the transportation process, and the safety of the cargo can also be guaranteed during the cargo transportation process. Van transport semi-trailers have become one of the broad types of freight semi-trailers. Van transport semi-trailers include closed type, open wing type, push-pull type, open type, open type with tarpaulin rod, etc., which are easy to operate. It can effectively meet the diversified and personalized needs of users. Then, let’s learn about the advantages of the lower van transport semi-trailer in transportation!8a4f4a3d9db9e225bf1d3eb4d895596

1. Performance effect

Compared with other semi-trailers, the van semi-trailer has a very good safety factor, there are few problems in transportation, and the safety of goods can also be guaranteed in the transportation of goods. The carrying capacity is also very good, and the carrying capacity can exceed that of a general car. The structural design meets the requirements of transportation conditions, and the use time is long, which is the production process adopted.

2. Special mechanism design

The van transport semi-trailer rarely uses the design mechanism, adopts the beam type, and integrates it through the vertical and horizontal cross welding. This can ensure the safety of the semi-trailer in transportation and determine its lifespan. Basically all Bangkok has adopted such a design agency.

3. Closed design concept

Unlike the semi-trailer, the van transport semi-trailer uses a closed design. Adopting this design can reduce the loss of goods during transportation. It can also reduce the resistance generated by the wind direction during high-speed transportation, and reduce the energy consumption of the vehicle during operation. It is generally suitable for fully sealed transportation of various items, and special types of vans can also transport items with chemical risks.

The body can be made of iron corrugated cardboard, color steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy corrugated cardboard, and foam insulation.

Bucket transport semi-trailer models can be selected from the rear door, left and right doors, full blockade, semi blockade, and warehouse column.

The scope of application is generally suitable for van transportation. Various factories, supermarkets and individuals can choose to install hydraulic pallets after van transportation to lift 0.5-5 tons of heavy objects.

Classified by brand, Dongfeng Liner, Jiefang Liner, Isuzu Liner, JAC Liner, Jiangling Liner, Foton Liner.

Classified by shape, single-bridge liner, two-bridge liner, flat-head liner, pointed liner.

Classified by type, Ultraman Class, Durian Class, Sanping Chai Class, Dongfeng Kangba Class, Class 145, Class 153, Class 1208, Class 1230, Class 1290, etc.

Van transport semi-trailers can meet the various needs of customers. With the increase in the demand for logistics services in different industries, customers’ requirements for the quality of cargo transportation are also gradually improving. In the process of logistics and transportation, customers have various requirements for goods. In addition, the van transport semi-trailer also has the advantages of not polluting the environment, being beautiful, maintaining traffic equipment, and maintaining traffic safety. In recent years, the overload phenomenon of open aeration tanks (non-vans) in my country is particularly prominent, and the damage to roads and bridges is relatively large. However, because the models of van transport semi-trailers are designed according to unified specifications, they are generally not overloaded a lot, which greatly reduces the amount of overloading. damage to transportation equipment

Post time: Oct-08-2022